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Black Sunflowers Swedish Dishcloth

Black Sunflowers Swedish Dishcloth

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Part sponge + part cloth! Reduce waste with this Swedish dishcloth – it’s sustainable, sturdy, and stylish. Each cloth absorbs 20x its weight + just one of these replaces 17 rolls of paper towels!


  • How it's made: 70% cellulose (FSC-Certified). 30% organic cotton (FairTrade & GOTS). Screen printed with water-based inks. 100% biodegradable.


  • How to use it: wash dishes. Wipe up spills. Clean mirrors. Use streak-free on most surfaces. Air dries fast, doesn’t breed bacteria like a sponge.


  • How to reuse over + over: wash up to 200 times, in top rack of dishwasher or in washing machine. Sterilize in microwave or boil briefly.